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Woody Goulart & Sam Glass

Woody Goulart & Sam Glass, Jr.The company is owned and operated by Elwood (Woody) Goulart from San Luis Obispo, CA, a longtime pro in business communication—both digital and traditional channels—and Sam Glass Jr., from Washington, DC, an independent filmmaker, online writer, social media consultant, and voice talent. Discover more about Sam’s voiceover services.

Woody and Sam are Las Vegas residents and they are married to each other. They are are known within the local and national gay men community. Contact us.

Las Vegas Neon Fun Desert

Our company is proud to be located in Las Vegas, the hot city with a very cool nickname—Neon Fun Desert—quite an attention-getting phrase! Our company does business using the promotional and marketing campaign names “Las Vegas Neon Fun Desert” and “Vegas Neon Fun Zone” along with our company name.

Here you can harness buzz power: The successful use of strategies and tactics that create public excitement about a person, place, or thing.

Buzz Power (mascot)Is Buzz Power an actual person? No, of course not. But, he is a fictional character who serves as the mascot for this website. That’s him on the right.

Company Name:

Buzz Community
(B Com, LLC)

We started this business (previously known as Neon Fun Desert, LLC) in 2015. Our company is all about helping you and your organization create positive buzz in your local market. Our strategy to use multiple domains protects our brand and retain our visitors. You can do it, too!

Our company serves business clients anywhere around the world and we are legally licensed and registered in the State of Nevada and the City of Las Vegas. See what we can do for you today. We serve any client or customer regardless of their location. For instance, in late 2016 we provided professional business communication services for an emerging energy consulting company in Texas, a nonprofit student services provider in Florida, a California tourism and entertainment advocacy organization, and, a Seattle business performance improvement consulting firm. See what we can do for you today.

If you choose us, you gain immediate access to helpful assistance built upon over 20 plus years of experience successfully using digital channels online. Lessons learned from so many years of experience online can benefit you directly in your outreach, communications, and marketing.

Origin Story: Neon Fun Desert


We changed the company name to B COM, LLC in 2016. The company was founded and licensed in the state of Nevada in 2015 with the original name of NEON FUN DESERT, LLC. We hope you do not confuse this former name with Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso, Texas.

The earliest known instance of the use of the existing Las Vegas nickname the “Neon Fun Desert” was in 2006 when digital content entrepreneur Woody Goulart first registered three domain names for websites pertaining specifically to Las Vegas, Nevada (neonfundesert.com, neonfundesert.net, and, neonfundesert.org) whose domain name records are preserved at HosterStats.com:


Starting in the year 2000, Woody Goulart had created websites bearing “The Neon Fun Jungle” phrase whose domain name records are preserved at HosterStats.com:


The phrase “Neon Fun Jungle” was frequently used by the Real Don Steele, a celebrity radio personality who worked on the air at KHJ, Los Angeles starting in 1965. That phrase was a sarcastic nickname for Los Angeles, California that Steele used on various radio stations in that media market.