Branding Strategy Using Multiple Domain Names

We use a branding strategy of multiple domains that point to our main website pages. You can do this, too, and we highly recommend it as one of your priority branding strategies.

How it works: This is very easy to do. First, you pay for registering a available domain name that you want for yourself or your organization. Second, you log into your admin dashboard where you registered your domain name, and then “point” or redirect your domain name to a primary page of your main website from the admin dashboard. This process can be repeated as many times as you wish using as many domain names as you so choose.

Why you should have multiple domains: There are two reasons: First, the whole point is to direct visitors to a primary page of your main website. Second, when you register a domain name, nobody else can use that particular domain name to siphon away visitors and business that would otherwise go to you and to your organization.

Dot Vegas: If you want to align your brand with the Las Vegas market using your web presence, we recommend that you go through your registrar and get a domain name that uses the word vegas after the dot. Doing so is crucially important to your Las Vegas branding and marketing efforts even if you also are using dot com domain names.