Products and Services

We choose to be different compared to what you might find in other business to business communications companies. The chief difference is that we offer simple, professional, and affordable down-to-earth products and services that you can use for strategic and tactical efforts to promote awareness of yourself or your brand. We use an honest, no b.s. approach to serving you. Here’s what we offer you on a contingent (non-permanent) basis.
Read a short explanation of how these services will benefit you directly:



Amazon eBook Production

— This service includes producing and uploading to Amazon of a book written by you and a complete guide to help you do your eBook marketing. Learn more.


Brand Coaching

Marketing of you as compared to marketing of products and services. Learn more.


Complete Website Services

— Includes a professionally-produced website with the website domain name of your choice. Learn more.


Creative Services: Graphic Design and Illustrations

— Professional digital illustrations for you to display as you wish. Learn more.


Editorial Services

— Servicing all your writing/editing/rewriting needs. Learn more.


You Hear Voices

— Professional voice work and on-camera work for your advertising, business presentations, dramatic productions, event narrations, and more. Learn more.

Our company also curates, promotes, and contributes to other Vegas themed online content.