Coaching – Consulting – Production for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Offering your eBook for Amazon Kindle or the paperback version for sale online to the public is one of the most desirable and cost-effective ways for you to do outreach to your target audience. The subject matter is not as important as choosing Amazon as your direct publishing distribution channel.

Immortality and Marketing

If you are the author of a book, you gain immortality. So they say. Looking for a way to gain immortality (without becoming a vampire) and succeed in marketing at the same time? Oh, come on, you must keep reading after an intro like that.

The bottom line is that you need to be known in the world as someone who published your own eBook and the accompanying paperback version. There will always be books made of paper. However, the present and the future of books is already living in the eBook format—especially as Amazon Kindle.

To ignore Amazon Kindle eBooks right now is to miss out of an emerging and revolutionary communications channel. This is no exaggeration.

Track Record

The cofounder of our company in Las Vegas is Woody Goulart. He has coached and consulted others, helping them produced eBooks that now are available online. He also has produced two eBooks that he wrote, himself:

Our company in Las Vegas, Nevada provides valuable know-how to get your book distributed on Amazon (eBook and paperback versions) and how you can succeed in marketing what you’ve distributed. This special service for you is based on a track record spanning several years.

You Get 4 Sessions Spanning 4 Weeks


Session #1

In-depth interview with you to determine your situation, learn about what you have already written, and, focus you upon what you can choose to act upon next. (About 60 minutes in week 1.)

Session #2

Coaching/consulting session to follow up one another day after Session #1 with you. We discuss/plan your best choices to act upon next. (About 30 minutes in week 2.)

Session #3

Production by Woody Goulart of a digital document for your eBook (written by you) as the follow up to Session #2. You are not involved in the work done during Session #3. After the work is completed by Woody Goulart, you will receive a digital file so that you can then upload it Amazon to sell your eBook online. Also included is a pdf version of the same document for you to use as you wish.

Session #4

Coaching/consulting session to cover the next steps for you to choose to act upon. Includes:

  • how to produce a hard-copy version in paperback form to sell on Amazon
  • how to promote and sell your new book in both eBook and paperback formats
  • (About 30 to 40 minutes in week 4.)

Package Price for Coaching/Consulting/Production

4 Sessions Spanning 4 Weeks = $797 (one-time fee) for online sessions with no recurring costs. These online sessions are designed to span at least four weeks’ time and cannot be compressed into a shorter period of time.
If you are in Las Vegas and would prefer face-to-face sessions instead, yes I can do that! The face-to-face version is $1297 (one-time fee) and there are no recurring costs.

Add-On Option:

If you select my coaching and consulting for Amazon direct publishing, you may also add on an additional hour with me to cover related efforts such as using your eBook/paperback to develop your career or get a new job, and, using public speaking for promote your eBook/paperback. This optional added hour for eBook/paperback coaching and consulting clients only is $125 online or $175 Las Vegas face-to-face. There are no recurring costs for you.

Contact us to inquire about these coaching and production services for an Amazon eBook and paperback book and how you can gain the know-how to succeed with your book.
See our full listing of consulting/coaching services provided on a contingent (non-permanent) basis only.


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