Brand Coaching for You, Your Business / Organization

This is a specialized professional service available to you today. Woody Goulart (co-founder and co-owner) is available now to be your brand coach on a contingent (non-permanent) basis.

Woody has several decades of professional experience in clarifying, developing, launching, and maintaining personal and professional brands that can be put to work immediately to benefit you, your business / organization.

You get customized, one-on-one coaching specifically to clarify and optimize your personal or professional brand. Think of this service as marketing of a person or an organization as compared to marketing of products and services.

How Does This Coaching Work?

Woody Goulart (your brand coach) will guide you through answering the correct questions to help you arrive at what are (for you) the correct answers that you can then choose to act upon to clarify and optimize your brand. You will need to make decisions whether or not to act upon what you learn in this coaching/consulting if you want to effect changes in how your brand is transmitted to the public and how your brand is perceived by people. Only you can make the decisions to act. Your coach does not take these action steps for you.


You may want to start with Coach Woody’s FREE ONLINE COURSE in which you learn how to do personal branding. In this free online course, Coach Woody provides you (with no sales pitch and no obligation to purchase anything) what you need to rebrand yourself successfully. Try this FREE ONLINE COURSE now.

Brand coaching is provided as a professional service on a contingent (non-permanent) basis by appointment only. Please call or text Coach Woody: 702-845-5331.


You Get 4 Sessions Spanning 4 Weeks


Session #1

Coach Woody starts with an in-depth interview with you to clarify your situation, learn about what (if anything) you have already established for your brand, and, focus upon listening to what are your wishes and hopes for your brand moving forward. Many people never spend this crucial time to learn about these vital components of branding. (About 60 minutes in week 1.)

Session #2

Coaching/consulting session to follow up on another day a week or so later after Session #1 with you. Together you and Coach Woody discuss/plan your best choices to act upon next. During Session #2 you will receive a digital audio recording that you play back in your own ears. This enables you to jump-start your follow-up actions to clarify and optimize your brand. (About 30 minutes in week 2.)

Session #3

Production by Woody Goulart of a digital document reporting back to you on your brand today (current status) and comparing how you might consider take actions that you are not presenting taking. You are not involved in the work done during Session #3 and this digital document is provided to you in addition to (and after) receiving Coach Woody’s digital audio file prepared especially for you. (About 30 to 40 minutes in week 3.)

Session #4

Wrap-up coaching/consulting session that covers the essential next steps for you to choose to act upon to accomplish the desired rebranding. Complete details about your range of choices are provided to you by Coach Woody for each step identified. (About 30 to 40 minutes in week 4.)

Package Price for Brand Coaching/Consulting

4 Sessions Spanning 4 Weeks = $797 (one-time fee) with no recurring costs. These sessions are designed to span at least four weeks’ time and cannot be compressed into a shorter period of time.
If you are in Las Vegas and would prefer face-to-face sessions with me instead, yes I can do that! The face-to-face version is $1297 (one-time fee) and there are no recurring costs.
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