Coaching: One Person’s View

My humble opinion is: What makes a truly credible coach are specific abilities a person attains from hands-on experience—usually after many years of hard work—that enables the person to teach or train others successfully so that they can then perform at the highest caliber professional level.
Over the course of many years, I have had exactly that hands-on experience in particular professional specialty areas for which I now provide one-on-one business coaching for individuals. I also earned a doctoral degree and master’s degree in communications along with a bachelor of science degree in journalism. I will state the truth bluntly: My preparation to be called a coach was not purchased or completed in a few weeks or months.
Plus, I am authentic in my coaching based on decades of business experience. I do not use someone else’s prepared scripts or materials. As a result, you can trust me to do right by you in terms of coaching you within the specialty areas that I have mastered. I look forward to hearing from you.

–Woody Goulart


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