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What makes a truly credible and inspiring coach and consultant are the specific abilities a person attains across a span of years in life from hands-on experience—usually after many years or decades of hard work. This enables the person to teach or train others successfully so that they can then perform at the highest caliber professional level.
Over the course of many years, I have had exactly that depth of hands-on experience in specific professional specialty areas for which I provide one-on-one business coaching and consulting for individuals. I earned my doctoral degree and my master’s degree in communications along with my bachelor of science degree in journalism. In addition, I am a certified professional coach. This means that I am fully prepared and qualified as your coach or consultant to help you improve your life and work.
I am authentic and original in my coaching and my consulting based on decades of business experience. I do not rely upon someone else’s prepared material in a cookie-cutter way like so many online do nowadays. Nor do use coaching or training sessions that someone else has prerecorded in the past and I ask you to just sit and watch. I coach and consult using one-on-one methods that are individually tailored to your needs and presented to you individually. I work to get you involved and engaged rather than just sitting and watching.
As a result, you can trust me to do right by you in coaching and consulting within the professional specialty areas that I have mastered.


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What's in it for YOU?

I provide you with the opportunity to seek performance improvement in yourself using my coaching and business consulting spanning these subject areas:


** Why would you want to hire me to be your coach? How enjoyable your life turns out comes from the quality of the questions you ask yourself. I will show you how you can ask the best questions of yourself.

What to Expect

My coaching/consulting uses the format of 4 sessions spanning 4 weeks that I customize/tailor specifically for you. If you are in Las Vegas and would prefer face-to-face coaching, yes, I can do that for you!

Coaching versus Consulting

There are differences between coaching and consulting that I accept as true and I ask you to accept them as true, too.

Coaching — I ask the correct questions to help you reach the correct answers from which you can choose to act upon.
Consulting — I help you learn about best practices and success stories of others from which you can choose to act upon.

Thank you for visiting here today. I look forward to hearing from you so I can prepare a customized, tailored solution just for you.

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