Editorial Services

We will put our professional experience and track record to work to write or edit or rewrite your communications or marketing products. There is no need for you to hire a full-time employee for this important work.

We write speeches and/or talking points for executives. We also create business brochures, fliers, newsletters, video scripts, PowerPoint slideshows (MP4 videos with voice narration), and other specialized editorial products such as grant applications.

You will receive electronic documents (MS Word .docx file format, PDF, MP4 video, etc.) via email from us. Most editorial products can be distributed digitally to save you a lot of money on printing costs. But, you can choose to take your documents to a local printing company if you need or want to have hard copies for your clients or customers.


We Love Locals! If you are in the Las Vegas Valley, you qualify for a 25% discount.


Contact us to let us know about your editorial services needs so we can submit a bid to you for consideration. All editorial services are available on a contingent (non-permanent) basis.

You may also want to read this low-cost eBook with a high volume of knowledge and insight about producing communications and marketing products in the present day: