Creative Services

We produce stunning visual elements (digital illustrations) for you to display as you wish in print or digital channels.

Examples: It’s very important to have a professional logo and theme images created for you to promote your organization’s identity visually. These illustrations must fit your target audience and align perfectly with how you want your organization to appear in the public eye:


Our graphic design and illustrations will help you sell your ideas or products to your target audience:




We create masculine male characters for book covers and other business and personal uses:

eBook_title_image reflections defensive 022016

All our character images are gay-friendly and gay-affirming. 

Contact us to let us know about your needs in visual products. All our creative services (illustrations) are available on a contingent (non-permanent) basis and we price these services based upon the scope of the work. We will provide you with a quote once we evaluate the scope of your request.


We Love Locals! If you are in the Las Vegas Valley, you qualify for a 25% discount.


We have only two restrictions: You may not display digital illustrations created by us as though they were your own creative works. You may not resell our digital illustrations.