Virtual Webmaster

Don’t spend money to hire a full-time employee. Save on your company’s expenses when you hire us to provide your webmaster services on a contingent basis. In effect, you get your own “virtual webmaster” without any of the high expenses of employing someone full-time for the specialized tasks that you need.


We Love Locals! If you live in Southern Nevada, you qualify for 15% off the posted prices for webmaster services.


This professional service is $1,000 per month and it is intended only for people who need and want ongoing webmaster services and attention for a website on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel at any time. There is no minimum commitment for this monthly service.

You may prefer to get webmaster services and attention as you need it when you need it. This option is priced on a per-incident basis instead of a monthly fee for $100 per hour with a 90-minute ($150) minimum charge each time you want and need someone qualified to do the professional, technical work on your website.

You may want to take advantage of our preferred clients discount.

Contact us with your questions about these professional services.